WOOOO YOOOO Number 2 finished!!!

Julie McCullough

Fantastic news – on Wednesday the 26th of Nov, 2014 I officially finished writing my second novel, tentatively called “Through the Gates of Dawn”.  I feel……relieved…..shocked…..thrilled…..amazed…..and tired. I cried as I typed the last line, not just at completing it, but the climax and ending was quite emotional.  This one has really been a roller coaster ride.  There were actually times I was SOOO close to just giving up on it.  It just didn’t seem like it was meant to happen.  BUT it has…..  Ended up at just over 75 000 words, quite a bit less than OF WOLVES AND WILDFLOWERS.  Of course, the hard work is far from over.  I have to go over and over it, polishing until it shines.  Am currently working on the 300 word synopsis, not an easy feat.  More updates to come. :-)

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