Up date on Novel number 2 – tentatively called “The Fire in Blue”.

Julie McCullough

It’s now early March, 2015 and I am currently awaiting my MS to come back from Editor, Cathleen Ross.  I sent her the first chapter prior to sending the whole thing, so she could see a sample of my work and she said it looked very professional, so I was pleased.  I have changed the original title from “Through the Gates of Dawn”  (meaning the start of a new, better life) to the also cryptic “The Fire in Blue.”  This title can have 2 meanings and once the reader gets to the climax they’ll “get it”.  Am pretty excited about it, just hope it comes back SOON and without too many errors marked, so I can get it revised and “out there.”

I’m already planning my third one – it will be back to the suspense/drama genre with some love and romance thrown in of course.  Can’t wait.

Cheers for now,


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