Progress report on Novel number 2.

Julie McCullough

Well, number 2 is officially under way and I must say that I am pleased so far with how it is panning out. Took a while to actually get into it and all is running smoothly so far.  Had a bit of a break while the kids are home on hols.  (just can’t concentrate with anyone around!!)

Tentatively titled – Through the Gates of Dawn, it is based on my family in the 50’s and early 60’s and their life in rural QLD.  I must admit I have to research a bit so that I get all the details correct.  EG, there was mention of a chainsaw but someone pointed out that they were not used in Australia until later on.  BUT, the the help of the trusty ol’ internet and FB, I found out that they were – just!!!  It certainly is a challenge bringing this story to life, especially when I wasn’t born yet!

Yes, there will be some funny bits, some sad bits and some edge of your seat stuff, but if you’re looking for some detailed sex scenes like in OF WOLVES AND WILDFLOWERS, you won’t find any.  It doesn’t seem quite right somehow, when one is basically writing about one’s parents!!  LOL

Will update more along the way…..

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