Progress on Novel No. 2, tentatively called, “Through the Gates of Dawn.”

Julie McCullough

Well, it’s the 3rd day of September, spring has sprung and I am up to 29 000 words on the new novel. I am planning, (NO, I WILL have) to have to completed by early to mid Dec. I don’t get time every day to write, what with having a house, husband, 2 kids, animals and gardens to attend, plus doing home massage. Unfortunately, writing doesn’t pay the bills yet.  Some earlier freelance stuff was welcome in that department though.

It’s funny how I will be working on a scene and I know I’m coming to the end of the chapter and I begin to think, “Oh dear, I don’t know how to end this one with a bit of suspense.”  Then, magically, something comes to mind and works brilliantly.  Other times, I have something in mind, but the story has other ideas and may lead off in a new direction.  That can be interesting, and just a little bit scary at times.  :-)

I class this novel in the genre of “Historical Family Saga’s.”  Like my previous one, you will laugh and you will cry and you will be on the edge of your seat at times.

Stay tuned…..

Cheers for now,


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