Novel Launch party

Julie McCullough

Well, my book launch party went off beautifully on Sunday the 8th, at The Tiny Tea House, here in Rosedale – gorgeous setting, yummy food – No, Fiona didn’t pay me to say that!!!

About 45-50 people turned up which overwhelmed me a bit, especially when I had googled ‘book launches’ and read that, on average, only about 3 people turn up for them!!!  SO, that means we are a bit above average around here!  The book sales exceeded my expectations as guests bought extra copies for Christmas presents and YES, I did sign them all – lucky I remembered my glasses, something I do usually forget when I go anywhere.

Pretty soon the bubbly corks were a poppin’ and good relaxing times were had. I had to have a few before I plucked up enough dutch courage to get up for my speech.  Must have went ok because I had everyone laughing.  I had to get a taxi home – courtesy of Hubby!!  Then we proceeded to have a few more – poor bugger, I had left him with all the animal chores, but he did well!!! They were all fed and content when I got home.  I put some pics up on FB and was unindated with well wishes and more orders for the book.

The day was topped off beautifully by a phone call from a lady who I had dropped a copy into on the Friday before.  Here is what she said, “I loved your book.  I just couldn’t put it down. I laughed and I cried.  I loved your descriptions of the beaches and things. It really awakened my senses.  It should be made into a movie!!”   I was chuffed to say the least.

Had a slight headache the next morning – must have hit my head on something hard through the night, hey?   LOL  Was all worth it. :-)

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