Julie’s Journey to Better Health and Inner Peace/Happiness

Julie McCullough

I must say, my journey is going well. Fairly smooth road most of the time, but hit a pothole last night in the form of choc chip ice cream. Those delicious little chips tripped me up. Now, it’s not really my fault it’s in my freezer…honest.  The Home Ice Cream truck comes every 4 weeks and he goes out of his way to come directly to our house. Last month I rang him and said not to come as I still had more than one box of their delicious mango & cream iceblocks (bit like the Weis bars) in the freezer, but I urged him not to forget me this month.  Well, by Tuesday just gone, when he was due to visit, only 1 iceblock had been eaten out of the full box. He drove in, ringing his bell. Poor bloke, his sales are down in winter as it is so I couldn’t expect him to drive to my house for nothing, could I? So, an invisible urge twisted my arm and I bought a 2 lt container of choc chip ice cream.  In my defence, I did only have a few spoonfuls.

So, another yoga lesson yesterday and new moves learned. Must admit, I couldn’t do some of them properly, but looking around at the dozen or so  participants, I wasn’t the only one. Doesn’t deter me – just strengthens my resolve and determination.

I’m participating in a daily workout with some FB friends. The Instigator puts up what we are to do every day and we comment ‘Done’ when completed, plus a few groans, pants, grunts and laughs. Love that support and camaraderieship – is that even a word??

I am also doing lots of ‘Incidental’ exercises. I’m active anyway, around my little farm, but I put in that extra effort, burn that extra calorie or 10, tone that muscle an extra bit. Incidental exercise is when you do it while doing something else. Kind of like a ‘Clayton’s’ exercise, if you like. EG – if I am waiting for toast to pop up, the jug to boil, a bucket of water to fill, the washing machine spinner to stop or hosing the garden, etc, I will do, say… 15 heel raises (tones the calf muscles), or a few squats or stretches, etc. If I have to pick up something off the ground, I do it squat style and then do 1 or 2 more. (Glad we don’t have close neighbours). If I am striding around, attending to the animals, I might squat slightly as I am walking and take bigger strides. Really works the thigh and glute muscles.  (REALLY glad we don’t have close neighbours :-) )  When carrying 2 buckets of  laundry water to fruit trees I use them like dumbbells,  lifting them up and down as I walk. We only have 4 steps at the back but I will sometimes back down them and walk up again.

I often walk all or part way to school with Ayla. When coming home I do ‘belly rolls’ as I walk. I can only do it for a minute or so each time as it really works the stomach muscles. LOL, that’s all I do while walking along the public road (well, apart from picking up other people’s rubbish), NOT the other things.

Another health tip – I always put less sugar in any baking I do. I only use Certified Organic raw sugar anyway, but I still keep it down and it tastes just as good. I add mashed banana, or pureed mango or cacao powder (very high in antioxidants and much healthier than cocoa powder), or sultanas to pikelets or cakes for extra health. Instead of cream on scones, we use vanilla yogurt.

Mmmm, I’m getting hungry.

Thanks for reading.


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