Julie’s Journey to Better Health and Inner Peace.

Julie McCullough

Words to an old song come to mind, “There comes a time, when we heed a certain call”.  My time has come to listen to my heart, body and soul. Time to improve my health, (and hopefully, wealth, but won’t hold my breath) and bring on inner peace. The past 2 years have been tumultuous and, at times, very worrying and sad. My marriage break-up after years of domestic turmoil, the unexpected death of my brother and hospitalisation and near-death of another brother, plus mum’s failing health and independence have all combined to drag me to the depths of despair and depression.

With some professional help I have managed to keep myself from falling to the unknown and inescapable bottomless black hole. But my writing has also helped me focus on the positives and stay strong. Every day is a battle to remain ‘up’, and some days I simply lose that battle. Sometimes for only a few hours, other times for a few days. Having a dream and remaining focussed on that dream is vital to overcoming negative obstacles.

I began my first ever yoga lessons last week. I’d always known it was good for the body and mind, but the coincidences that led up to it convinced me it was calling me. The week before I completed an assignment for my Cert 4 in Writing and Editing course, that entailed writing a web article for a gym that wanted more people coming to their yoga classes. (all hypothetical) Part of the article required the benefits of yoga to be listed. There were LOTS and LOTS. I thought to myself – “I really have to do yoga”. I wondered if I would have to do it online somehow, as I live so far from town. Several days later there was a 2-page spread on yoga in the Sunday paper. Again, the benefits were highlighted. “I REALLY have to get into yoga,” I thought. About 2 days later a Facebook post popped up on our local Rosedale community page, advertising upcoming yoga classes at 3.30 on Wed afternoons at our local hall. That times suited me perfectly.  YES!!!  I knew it was meant to be. I’m a great believer in fate and karma, in one’s life journey.

I enjoyed the first lesson, even surprising myself on my flexibility, but my balance was hopeless. Some of the moves/positions were hard and I did get a sweat up.  Surprisingly, later on and toward bed time, I noticed I had significantly less aches and pains and I did sleep reasonably well. Lack of sleep is one of the ailments that I am hoping yoga will help. Part of the reason I don’t sleep well is having too much on my plate and mind.

No, not my food plate. I will talk about that in the next blog on Julie’s Journey To Better Health and Inner Peace. Thanks for reading.

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