Julie’s Journey to Better Health and Inner Happiness

Julie McCullough

Last blog I wrote about my first yoga class. I have been for my second and it was a little harder, but I felt looser, muscle and joint wise, and had less aches and pains. I seem to sleep better that night too, after yoga.

Food. Yep, I love it, always have.  I do eat healthily but sometimes little things sneak in that shouldn’t and usually without thinking about it. But I am now making a conscious effort to delete those unhealthy habits. EG – I  just put a cake in the oven for the kids after school smoko through the week. Yes, it was a packet cake, BUT…in my defence I do add almond meal, linseed meal and buckwheat flour. Add that with the home produced milk, cream and duck eggs, it wouldn’t be all THAT bad. :-) (That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it) Anyway, once the batter is scraped into the cake pan I would lick the spatula or spoon without a second’s thought. But not this morning. No. I put it and the beater in the bowl and added some water. I’ll then rinse them and add that water to the chook scraps.

Another bad habit I would sometimes indulge in, well MOST times, I have to admit. When grocery shopping I would buy something naughty to eat on the way home, like choc coated sultanas or choc coated licorice. Mmmmm. Lately, I have, with a lot of effort, resisted the urge to put one of these in the trolley. Instead, I can proudly say I now go for a packet of walnuts or punnet of Cert organic dates. Ok, it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but the mental satisfaction and self-pride I feel outweighs that.

Speaking of the kids afternoon smoko.  I would often cut myself a small piece of cake after getting theirs. I now resist and either don’t have any or may still cut the finest sliver so I get the taste and that tells me I’ve had some. Then I walk outside and forget about  it.

I tend to go more for fruit when I need a sweet treat. I keep lots of fruit, (some home grown) on the kitchen island where you can’t miss it. So easy to just grab the fruit.

At night, I am putting more vegies and less meat on my plate. I do love meat and being ‘O’ type blood, still have the connection to our Neanderthal ancestors. I’ve read the book, ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ and it explains why each type of blood (the + or – don’t matter) can tolerate more or less of certain types of food. Luckily, my body loves red meat, but I do try and cut back a little. I cut smaller portions of the meat with each forkful and add the vegies (or salad), so I don’t notice I am eating less meat.

All these little things add up to a healthier body and happier mind.  Thanks for reading. :-)

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