Secrets, Lies & Grace - Julie's Latest Book

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Grace Atkinson is devastated after her long-time boyfriend; Kain, dumps her without justification. Getting ‘away from it all, her car veers down a steep ravine and explodes.

She is rescued by scarred amnesiac Seth, lost and injured in the Australian bush and about to be attacked by ravenous wild dogs. Grace wakes in his secluded home and discovers that brusque and secretive Seth is now holding her prisoner. Is he her saviour, or is he more terrifying than the wild dogs?

The Fire in Blue

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Sara & Bill Butler and their children work hard to eke out a living on their Queensland farm during the 1950s and 60s. Money is short, and their one-roomed, ramshackle home contains only the bare necessities.

Their love and commitment remain strong as Mother Nature bestows her miracles, fury and heartbreak upon the family, at times driving them to desperate measures. They also cope with unscrupulous employers, gravely ill children and being ostracised for their low socioeconomic standing.

Without hesitation, they pour their blood, sweat and tears into their farm, but when an invisible enemy not only taunts them but threatens to take it from them, they fight to the brink of death to save their livelihood and increasing family.

Shocks abound when discovering who the enemy is and how dangerously far they are prepared to go. Lives will change forever.

Of Wolves and Wildflowers

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Jo meets handsome rock star Luke, at his band’s concert on The Sunshine Coast. Sparks fly and later he invites her back to Perth with him. She hesitates but after a terrifying ordeal at the hands of her Ex, she eagerly accepts.

Pete is found badly beaten up in a Sydney alley.  After recovering, he decides to return home to Perth.  He secures a lift with a loud and colourful lady, Mo. Their road trip is filled with some very adventurous, memorable, funny and “best-forgotten-and-not-mentioned-again” moments.

In Perth, old friends reunite but old grudges and resentments also reignite, simmering until they reach boiling point. Jo is perturbed by the attention given to her by Luke’s brother, David.  Blissful lives are soon shattered by assumptions and betrayal, but as the truth comes out the tables are turned. Secrets, lies and brutal deception are exposed.  In a frantic race against time, whose lives will be lost and whose will be saved?