I’m Back On Deck

Julie McCullough

18 months ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Needless to say, my world shattered, including my writing world. BUT, after 2 surgeries,  6 hits of chemo, 30 hits of daily radiation – during which an infection in the mastectomy site brought on sepsis, almost killing me in ICU and requiring more surgery, with only a local anaesthetic as my BP was too low for a general – then more preventative surgery and a long, slow recovery, I am back in writing mode.

I had just begun the sequel to Secrets, Lies & Grace when the diagnosis hit me. Now, am back attending workshops, getting an author page organised, updating this website and getting back to that sequel.

Although still fatigued from the chemo and radiation, which can last for years, it is wonderful to have the passion back for what I love – creating fast paced, suspenseful Aussie novels.

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