Featured Author at Eumundi Markets

Julie McCullough

On Saturday the 28th of Dec 2013, I was the featured Author at the Indie Bookshop at the famous Eumundi markets.  I had sent an article to the Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper a few weeks before to see if they were interested since I was living on the  Sunny Coast when I first wrote it and it is partially based there.  I never heard anything back from them so assumed they were not keen.  When I arrived down there on the Friday afternoon and remembered to turn my mobile on, there were 8 missed messages!!!  Some were from the paper and some were from Richard trying to tell me that the Newspaper is trying contact me.  GROAN…. They wanted to take a pic to go with the article the next day (day of the markets) but then said, “Oh, sorry, our photographer is all booked out this afternoon.”   Okaaaaaaay!!!   The next morning I rushed to the newsagent to buy a paper and looked through it twice before I found the article, with no pic of course.  One lady at the markets did tell me she saw it!!!

SO….. I set up my little table and books etc and waited for the crowds to rush to buy the novel of the century!!  (Nah, just joking on that one!!!)  and waited and waited….

Quite a few of my friends from the Sunny coast came to see me and bought copies so that was great.  I sold a copy to one friend on the Friday afternoon and by Saturday night she had finished it – loved it.  “WOW! You go girl!” was her comment!!!

I ended up selling 19 copies, which is the new record for the “Author of the Day” there, apparently.  9 was the previous best.  Yes, probably over half of them were to friends, but previous authors there must have friends too LOL!!! A few took my card to check out the website and maybe buy the e-book!!!

Overall it was an exciting and enjoyable day, albeit a bloody hot one!!!  Arrived home very tired, but feeling good.  :-)

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