Comments/Reviews from readers of “Of Wolves and Wildflowers”

Julie McCullough

I have just, this second, finished Julie McCulloughs debut novel Of Wolves and Wildflowers…I could not put it down!  In fact I read it in record time.  From the first page I was intrigued and the twists and turns kept coming right until its stunning conclusion.  The authors descriptions were vivid and makes me want to travel Australia again.  I will definately be reading this book from the beginning again, though at a slower pace to savour all the details and will anticipate the next course in this author’s offerings.  Susan Branley
Those were Susan’s own words.  Following, are verbal reviews I have received –
“Riveting!  I couldn’t put it down!” – Nadine
“Loved it!  I laughed and I cried.  It really awakened my senses.  This book should be made into a movie!” – Gloria.
“A bloody good read!” – Anne.
“WOW!  WOW!  LOVED IT!  LOVED IT!  I usually skip pages in novels, but with yours, I had to read every one.” – Chris
“Being an avid fan of Rural Romance, I must admit, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  I was a bit sad when it was finished.  The sex scenes were a bit risqué for me though.” – Sue
“The descriptive passages are amazing!” – Elaine.
“WOW! Finished in 2 days!  You go Girl!” – Corinne.
There were a few minor negatives –  2 readers told me that they thought it was unnecessary to put shouting/yelling dialogue in capitals, as they knew they were shouting.  There are a few typos in it – my fault as the last round of author corrections had to be done very quickly and I must have missed a few.  Another lady found it too graphic in places. Another reader, who is a close friend, felt that she was “Too close” to the author, to separate fact and fiction – it was/is 99% fiction, but I think she kept imaging me as some of those characters…..  (the mind boggles, LOL)
BUT, as I pointed out in my talk at the book launch party, I haven’t proclaimed to have written a literary masterpiece, just a bit of escapism really.

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