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Julie McCullough


Who can remember sitting on a deserted beach, under the moonlight with a gorgeous person, that you may have just met, your heart skipping a beat or 3. The idle chit chat and giggles were arousing, but nothing compared to the intoxicating euphoria of that first feathery kiss. Your body tingled as your heart said, “Go for it!” But your head kept interrupting and saying, “Woo back, slow down a bit.” The waves crashing was the only sound you heard as you wished for the night to never end.  For some, it may have been 20 or 30 years ago, but for others as recent as last week.  No matter how long ago, it was a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

One of my long held dreams, when I was younger, was to see a sunset over the ocean. I did get to see many and I never ceased to marvel at the sheer beauty of it.  Beaches have a charisma of their own on this planet, but to watch that golden ball sink low as it casts its rays on to the ocean like liquid gold, then turn the water to stunning hues of pink, blue and silver is really a sight to behold. True, sunrises over the beach are stunning as well, but what a way to end the day!

Of course, I was never satisfied to just see a beach sunset. Oh no.  My fantasy stretched to actually be married on a western beach at sunset!  Living on the east coast of Australia made it an impossibility and I don’t expect to get another opportunity for a wedding – hope not anyway!!  So, this is where the beauty of being a writer comes in handy – living your fantasies through your characters.  It is so close you can almost feel, see, hear and TASTE it!  A stunning beach wedding with nary a dry eye in the vicinity!

Who has ever been to a nudist beach?  Who would secretly like to but isn’t game?  It’s ok, you can admit it .  I will never forget my first experience in Broome, on the west coast of Australia.   My sister and I were virtually doing a round Australia trip and had just spent 6 months working in Perth, WA. We walked  some distance along Cable beach before spreading our towels on the sand, sitting down and gazing around at the interesting scenery.  My jaw dropped!  There were people of all ages, shapes and sizes just sitting, lying, swimming or walking about with not a single care in the world, so it seemed. Initially, we were a bit modest and only took our bikini tops off, but soon felt a bit out of place with our pants on.  Now, we were normally beach bunnies, but having just spent a cold and wet winter in Perth, our bodies were, bluntly, white and flabby!  What the heck??  We whipped our duds off, rubbed some sunscreen on our lily white bums and strode, unperturbed, down to the water for a swim. Actually, I couldn’t have been more pleased to get into that water and shield my bod from wondering eyes – of course of which there were none, it was just my paranoia. WOW!  What a truly liberating and relaxing feeling swimming naked among the waves. Honestly, I highly recommend it as one for the bucket list!

Our road trip to Perth was a hasty one, (but also boring at times, especially crossing the Nullabor Plain) as my sister had a job to start.  It was unfortunate that we didn’t get more time to spend in the numerous interesting country towns we passed through, that, I am sure, would have lots of amazing characters in them that we could have met.  A trip like that contains infinite opportunities for a writer to create scenes/experiences that may be tame to some, but so wild to others that they could never imagine them. They can be funny, sad, scary and very painful!

Christmas day!  Is it better to experience a cold, snowy one or a sweltering one like we do here in Australia. I have enjoyed both, and must say, I prefer the heat. Whether we are inside with the air con on, stuffing ourselves silly or burning ourselves to a red crisp playing/picnicking on the beach or that traditional game of cricket in the back yard with drinks at every half-over!  For an Aussie Xmas day, lazing about under shady trees, popping another tasty morsel into our mouth, before dipping into the pool is the way to go.

Isn’t it exciting when you see an old friend that you just sort of “Lost track of” over a few years, only to find the missing years are peeled away like it was only last week? You have a lot to catch up on and that unique close bond is still there, never to be broken. They are someone you can confide in and trust with you life. You may not have a lot in common with each other but you know they will always be there when you need them.

New beginnings…… how often have we felt like we need one? When that time comes to close one door and open another one.  It may be hard to get that one closed and it may hit the one you are leaving behind hard in the face, but you finally get it shut!  While the pain, confusion and fear that invades us, just before that door is finally slammed shut, can be agony, the ecstasy that we know awaits us through the new door makes it all worth it.

Finally, who recalls that first delicious love making with the one you just KNEW would be your soul mate?  The anticipation and build up, the knowing looks and gestures?  Slow dancing to a beautiful romantic song, oblivious to anything else around you both. The shortened breath, the strengthening tingling that turns into full on throbbing. The slow, tender kisses that turn into hot passion, throw the “Slow” out the window – it’s happening NOW!!!  The racing heart, the groans as the air is expelled from the lungs, forcing breathlessness.  The intense ecstasy that slowly gives way to deep calm and pure relaxation.  There is absolutely nothing like it!


If you can relate to any or all of these scenarios then you will love my new novel, “Of Wolves and Wildflowers”,which has just been independently published.  The front cover blurb reads, “From the golden beaches of the Sunshine Coast to the seedy alleys of Kings Cross, the wide open roads and stations of the Outback to the endless miles of WA’s stunning wildflowers and beaches, this story takes you on an adventurous ride of love, lust, murder and the most shocking betrayal.”  You can check out more, including the back cover blurb, at  I only JUST got word this morning that it has been accepted in e-book form through all the regular channels.  It will be available on Amazon in 4-5 days and the others in 2-4 weeks.  Thank you so much for reading my blog and there are others on my website as well. Cheers, Julie.

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